Planet Formation and Evolution 2011

Tuesday, October 9

Session III: Star formation and feedback

09:00-09:40 D. Breitschwerdt (Invited Talk) Evolution of the Turbulent Interstellar Medium in Star Forming Galaxies
09:40-10:00 E. Vasiliev Mixing of metals ejected by a supernova into the ISM
10:00-10:20 J. Mackey Radiative feedback from runaway massive stars
10:20-10:40 R. Shetty Understanding the X-factor in molecular clouds
10:40-11:10 Coffee Break
11:10-11:50 R. Maiolino (Invited Talk) The relationship between metallicity, mass and star formation, and its evolution with redshift
11:50-12:10 B. Burkhart Gauging low-metallicity turbulence in the small Magellanic cloud
12:10-13:40 LUNCH
13:40-14:20 A. Burkert (Invited Talk) Self-regulated star formation in galaxies. The interplay between self-organisation, gravitational disk instability and stellar feedback
14:20-14:45 R. Klessen (Highlight Talk) The IMF at different metallicities: Importance of thermodynamic processes
14:45-15:05 K.-J. Chen Impacts of the first binaries
15:05-15:30 Coffee Break

Session IV: Star formation and galaxies

15:30-15:50 F. Bigiel The THINGS and HERACLES View on Star Formation and the ISM in Nearby Galaxies
15:50-16:30 F. Bournaud (Invited Talk) Star formation laws and thresholds form dwarfs to starbursts: driven by ISM metallicity, structure, or turbulence?
16:30-17:00 W. Schmidt Simulations of Gas-rich Isolated Disk Galaxies
17:00-17:40 Coffee Break + Poster Session
17:40-18:00 B. Patzer Small TiC cluster properties: Implications for dust nucleation studies under the conditions of C-rich AGB stars at low metallicity

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