Planet Formation and Evolution 2011


The ISM at low metallicity is a very prospective area of research, with potential applications in the field of high-redshift galaxies, the first generations of stars, as well as the local Universe, in particular with respect to nearby dwarf galaxies. In light of new theoretical results as well as new and upcoming observational data, the investigation of the ISM in this regime becomes increasingly more complex. In particular, the necessity of modeling the chemistry at low metallicity has been realized since a long time, although only now people start modeling the full complexity in a three-dimensional framework. Only in this way, the interaction of chemistry with turbulence and feedback processes can be explored.

For nearby dwarf galaxies, Herschel is providing a wealth of data revealing the conditions in low-metallicity systems, and higher-resolution, spectral information can be expected from ALMA. Magnetic fields have been detected in nearby dwarf galaxies, while simultaneously, theoretical efforts aims at exploring magnetic field amplification by turbulence or cosmic-ray driven dynamos. Their existence has further been inferred in distant starburst galaxies via their synchrotron emission as well as the validity of the radio-IR correlation at least up to z = 3.

In light of such developments, it is important to provide a platform connecting the different experts to stimulate an exchange of ideas, and to work towards a coherent understanding of low-metallicity environments. For this purpose, we are planning a workshop aimed at experts for ISM chemistry, turbulence and magnetic fields to explore their interaction at low metallicity. The scope of this workshop comprises systems in the nearby Universe as well as at high redshift, in order to stimulate the interaction in these fields.

Our goal for this workshop is to bring together the relevant German community, but also to provide them a platform for the interaction with well-recognized, international experts regarding ISM chemistry, turbulence and magnetic fields.